Kraftwerk Technology
This section shows examples of how Kraftwerk used the technology through the years to develops original instruments and how they used the technology available to compose the Kling Klang equipments at stage.

This drawing shows the scheme of Kraftwerk eletronics equipments on stage, concerning to shows of 1991
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This drawing shows the scheme of Kraftwerk equipments on stage, concerning to shows of 1998
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The equipments that constituted the Kling Klang studio at stage were transported in cases when the group was on tour. Below you can see a list of equipments divided by case, concerning to the shows of 1998. You can see too the main scheme of input-return to each member at stage.
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The detailed lighting structure of stage concerning to 1998 shows
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Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter patented at USA the design of an Electronic Percussion Musical Instrument in June 1977, and you can read the details of these documents below. This instrument is similar to the Drum Pads played at studio by Wolfgang Flür and later by Karl Bartos in the 70s and was used live for the first time in the 1981 World Tour.
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Florian Schneider, Gert Ott and Gert Jalass patented a new invention, a method of Synthesized Singing in Real Time called Robovox, and you can read the first Page of the register below.
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More informations:
Speech Synthesis Technology

Florian Schneider created an electronic poem with Vocoder to pay an homage to Doepfer A100 modular synthesizer, used by Kraftwerk since the nineties. The lyrics are described below, in your original version (german) and the respective translation to english, plus a link to the audio version of the poem.
Doepfer A100
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Analogsynthese mit System
klanglich, optisch angenehm
technisch, logisch, funktionell
prototypisch und speziell
modular und variabel
leicht, kompakt und transportabel
Für ein Musikabenteuer
A-100, nicht zu teuer
Midi-Kontrolle vom Computer
A-100 to the Future!
Systematical analogue synthesis
nice in sound and looks
technical, logical, functional
prototypical and specialised
modular and variable
light, compact and transportable
For a musical adventure
A-100, not expensive
Midi-controlled by the computer
A-100 to the future!
Hear the Doepfer Vocoder poem clicking here
Translation by of Felipe de Souza - Brasil

Folder about MAQ 16/3, a Midi Analogue Sequencer developed in cooperation between Doepfer and Kraftwerk, and the mini custom keyboard developed by the german manufacturer to the band. These keyboards were used for the "Pocket Calculator" performances at stage.
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The edition of september 1981 from the magazine "Electronic & Music Maker" reveals some informations about the instruments used by Kraftwerk through the years, and some details about the Kling Klang structure at stage.
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You can read this article at Interviews section too
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Florian Schneider and the Kraftwerk electronic-engineers developed at 70's an electronic percussion controlled by light sensors. It looked like a cage of steel, and the musician had got into this cage, playing percussion with movements of your arms. You can see below the instrument on the stage and Wolfgang Flür in action at the cage (1976).
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This article published by Sony describes some aspects of the new technology used by Kraftwerk at stage since 2002, concerning to the use of Vaio laptop as the "brain" of all the new systems (written on german version).
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